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Trufood Online Grocery Store: Safety & Health is our priority

wed, oct 28, 2020

Trufood Online Grocery Store: Safety & Health is our priority

To date, the COVID-19 situation has been a very difficult phase for the whole nation and each individual has faced different challenges of their own, but grocery shopping has been a common challenge for all because safety and hygiene are of utmost priority during these times of crisis and shopping from any nearby store can increase the risk of getting infected.

    Shopping grocery in-store:

    Purchasing your groceries from any physical store is an unnecessary as well as a risky choice, as you are not aware of how many people might have already touched the products and could have unknowingly infected the store premises or the products itself.

    Fortunately, you can shop for all your daily requirements online, while a team of experts opt for precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your order and get it delivered at your doorsteps.

    To ensure the safety of every delivery at Trufood - the best online shopping sites for vegetables, fruits, and groceries, our team follows certain measures at each step of operation right from production to delivery.

    Here are the precautions taken by the team:

    1. Ensuring the safety during Production:

    During the production of Trufood organic vegetables and fruits, our primary goal is to encourage high-quality and hygiene. So, the team strives to educate the farmers about the right procedure of production which leads them to grow export-quality products at a cost-friendly price while following the hygiene guidelines.

    2. Ensuring hygiene during packaging:

    Trufood ensures that all the warehouses and storage hubs are following proper sanitization procedures frequently to guarantee the safety of the product as well as the packaging which are being delivered.

    Also, every employee goes through regular checks to detect any symptoms of the virus. Each member is equipped with disposable masks and gloves.

    3. Ensuring a Safe Delivery:

    When you order fresh fruits and vegetables online, we understand that delivery is the most crucial part of online grocery shopping, so we provide a contact-less delivery for each order and the delivery executive goes through a proper test every day for the detection of any symptoms.

    4. Ensure Safety during payment:

    According to experts, the exchange of currency notes can also become a reason for communicating the virus amongst each other, hence to ensure the overall safety, we offer multiple online payment options including credit card, master card, and other online options.

Want to order fresh fruits, vegetables, and groceries online in Chandigarh? Just visit the Trufood site, add your favorite products to the cart and choose from your preferred time of delivery and our team will take care of the rest for you. We prioritize the health & happiness of every customer by obeying the best of global health practices. We have set up our worldly processing plant as we aim to be India’s leading Food Company with quality, integrity & self-reliance.